Feed the Love, Nourish the Bond
The love of your life deserves and needs only the best.  Our passion at KanavaRx is to ensure a lifetime of companionship through the highest quality nutrition driven by our deep respect for the bond between you and your pet.

We take a comprehensive approach to pet wellness.  Employing the most current research and pharmaceutical-grade as well as human-quality ingredients, we develop our veterinary dietary products with the highest quality and purity available.

Our all-natural formulations and recipes provide the best dietary support and nutrition you can give your pet with delectable flavors they love to eat and quality you can trust.


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Feed the Love
Solutions to keep your pet strong and healthy


Our digestive care products are created from all natural, pure ingredients developed to soothe irritation including DiarRice for dog diarrhea.


The optimal blend of pure, all natural, hypo-allergenic ingredients to support healthy skin and coat.


For dogs with dietary requirements due to kidney disease, our supplements, treats and foods provide the optimum amount of protein.


Highest quality protein diet metered and formulated by veterinary nutritionists for dogs with liver disease.


Restricted calorie diets for dogs that need to control their carbohydrates and fats due to weight issues or diabetes.


The ideal dietary products for dogs to support strong, supple joints at any age.
True Stories
Happy pets, happy families
Seriously, thank goodness for this stuff!! I never even knew this existed, and having owned many dogs in my lifetime I can tell you I’ve had my fair share of dog runs. Ugh!  I am currently the owner of two ten year old and one 7 year old dogs, and the two older guys love to eat all kinds of gross stuff in our yard (we live on an acre farm with lots of fallen fruit and neighbor cats… If that tells you anything). Just the other night, one of them had eaten something bad and had loose stool, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to try it out. I sprinkled some in his food as directed, and used a little hot chicken broth to wet it all up together. He chowed the bowl down, so it must have tasted good. He had a small loose stool about an hour later, but then it completely stopped and has not come back. I’ve been sprinkling just a tiny bit in his bowl AM and PM for 3 days now… Tapering it off each day less and less. He seems to be fine. I would recommend any dog owner keeping this product handy for those emergencies!!
Nicole M
After dealing with a horrible case of the squirts for several days and trying (with no success) all sorts of remedies my 2 year old mini dachshund and I were both suffering. I decided to try Diarrice as a last resort before taking her to the Vet. I’m glad I did. Her first dose was Monday afternoon and by Tuesday midday I could tell it was going to work. By Thursday morning she was back to normal. Diarrice is wonderfully effective and very fast acting. I wouldn’t hesitate to give it my highest recommendation. My doxy also found it very palatable as she eagerly licked every speck of it from her food bowl.
Curt M
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this product. I have a one year old yellow lab who ate some very rich cookies and got diarrhea for the first time in his life. I made the horrible mistake of cooking chicken and rice for him only to endure a night of basically dog crying because he was so uncomfortable. I found Diarrice on Amazon, read the reviews, read the website and ordered it. I fed it to him, which by the way he absolutely loves the taste of, and the very next bowel movement was much thicker! His bowel movements have continued to get thicker, better after just 3 feedings with Diarrice. We are on the road to recovery and this pet parent is extremely relieved. I cannot say enough about this product. You will not be disappointed. Thanks to the vets and dietary specialists for pets for creating this, y’all rock!!
Rebecca AC